There are now tens of thousands of BibleBoxes around the world sharing Bibles and Bible training resources. A user with a wireless enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop simply connects to the BibleBox wifi SSID and opens their web browser.  The BibleBox then provides the user with a web based interface providing access to the shared files stored on the connected USB drive. Users accessing files on the BibleBox are not able to access the internet, as there is no connection other than the wifi link to the BibleBox.

No user information is required or stored on the BibleBox.  It simply provides a free wifi network to enable access to the shared files. This makes the BibleBox ideal for sharing files privately and securely. No login is required, no interaction with anyone is required.  Simply connect to the BibleBox wifi and access the shared files from your device.

With it’s built in battery (MR3040 based model) the BibleBox is a simple and convenient tool to distribute digital Bibles and other training resources, whether at your local cafe, bus stop or in areas where there is limited or restricted access to Bibles and Biblical resources.

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The BibleBox is a device which enables the sharing of digital wifi Bible and discipleship resources on its own wifi network.  The BibleBox combines:

  • a small wifi access point TPLink MR3040 (other routers running Openwrt are now being used by others including the TPLink MR3020, the TP Link WR842nd)
  • a USB drive containing digital Bible resources for sharing (Amazon 8GB, Amazon 16GB)
  • software which provides a webpage interface to the resources and a user chat feature
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