Install BibleBox on Android Mobile Devices

Thanks to some work by BibleBoxer Peter Brassington, the BibleBox is now available to run on jailbroken Android devices.

The BibleBox is based on open licensed software from Piratebox and Librarybox projects and Peter has based the Android version of BibleBox from Piratebox Android.

Now a user with a jailbroken Android device can install Android BibleBox and share files from their device in the same way they would share them from a portable wifi router.  Their device acts as a hotspot sharing BibleBox files on the device or SD card.

Peter has set out easy to follow instructions on here:  

Android BibleBox Logos

The following Android BibleBox logos below are ones I created which could be used to customise this BibleBox version but you can easily create your own to suit your ministry. Right-click to Save them to your computer then follow Peter’s instructions to place them in the correct folder.





right click – save as






PirateBox for Android by fun2code is Open Source. fun2code also developed PAW server which we used for mobile filesharing on Android phones before Estante came out from MAF-LT.
Source code is available at GitHub:

BibleBox Logos

Here are a selection of BibleBox logos which you can use on your BibleBox or support resources.

Feel free to download and use any of these images.

BibleBox running on TP Link TL-WR842ND

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) are well known as a mission organisation supporting remote people groups by providing subsidised aviation services. In Arnhem Land, NT, Australia they not only provide aviation services but also Technology services to isolated people.

Peter Higham heads up this increasingly popular Christian ministry based in Gove alongside the pilots and aviation engineers at the MAF headquarters there.  Recently supporter funding has meant that 20 BibleBox kits have been funded and will be provided to families in order to share digital Bible resources to users of wifi enabled phones, tablets and computers.

As part of the project Peter asked me to trial installing the BibleBox onto a TP-Link TL-842ND. (below)

This installation and setup was painless and as easy as installing on the smaller pocket-sized TP MR3040.

IMG_0269 IMG_0267 IMG_0265 IMG_0271 IMG_0270

Knowing how easy and how well this is Ill be including the files and instructions for any others to follow.

Link to Amazon details for TP Link TL-WR842nd

Openwrt firmware for TP Link TL-WR842ND – openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr842n-v2-squashfs-factory.bin

Cant download Audio and Video from BibleBox with iOS?

One of the things you might have noticed with the BibleBox is that using Safari on iOS you havent able to save audio or video files to your device.  Androids browser makes this easy with a long press on the file link, then saving to a location on your device.

There is a free browser available for iOS in the app store which now makes saving media files possible on an Apple device!

Mediatap browser lets you save any kind of file – audio, video, pdf – so for BibleBox users on iOS devices its a great solution to be able to download not just view those media files.

BibleBox mediatap

Mediatap functions:

  • A dedicated “download all” button which displays the number of downloadable files classified as videos, audio, images or documents. Selecting an option will automatically download all the files.
  • Long-press a single file to download
  • Streaming and caching video clips
  • Pause and resume downloads
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Downloaded files using the download all button are automatically organised by file types as “Videos”, “Audio”, “Images”, and “Documents” in the file manager
  • Organize files by creating and moving folders
  • Easy to delete multiple files
  • Select and move multiple files at once
  • Easy to rename and search a file
  • Create and manage bookmarks for easy browsing
  • Open file to other apps or upload to dropbox
  • Send file as e-mail attachment( maximum file size of 15mb )
  • Export photos and videos to camera roll

Fix for Chatbox overflowing text

If you have had a number of people connect and chat using the BibleBox you would have noticed that the chat messages end up overflowing across the form fields. An example is shown below:

BibleBox chat messages

on right – Chat messages end up obscuring the chat Form field

I have modified the html and css for this and the updated files to replace structure.css, index.html and chat.html are available here.

I changed the code so that the Chat messages stay within the frame and a scrollbar appears once messages reach the limits of the frame.






Install h5ai

NOTE – At the moment the File Download counter doesnt work after installing h5ai – my goal is to have both h5ai presentation of files AND a file download count feature, so I am working on having both. h5ai is a software tool which provides enhanced directory listing of files in folders on webservers. Why you might want to install it on your BibleBox?  Check out these before and after images!

BibleBox screenshot file listing

Folder File listing without _h5ai installed

Folder Listing with -h5ai installed

Folder Listing with -h5ai installed

To install h5ai on your BibleBox follow these steps:

  1. Download the file which includes  2 files – h5ai_installer.tar and  This download of _h5ai from contains an options.json file with options already set for best use on the BibleBox TP MR3040 router.
    • NOTE: testing various options in the options.json file of _h5ai lead to the settings in this file.  If you want to modify it yourself go ahead, but know that showing file previews, enabling selected downloads as packages, displaying folder trees, all makes browsing files on the BibleBox S.L….O…..W)
  2. Unzip the file and copy the 2 files h5ai_installer.tar and in the h5ai-setup folder to the root folder on your USB (ignore the .DS_Store file – thats a file from Mac)
  3. Plug the USB into your BibleBox and power it on
  4. Connect the BibleBox ethernet to your computer (remember to manually set an IP address on your computer as
  5. Connect to the BibleBox using SSH

    Putty SSH LOGIN

    PuTTY SSH Login

  6. After logging in, from PuTTY or Terminal (OS X) run the following commands:
    1. cd /mnt/usb/
    2. chmod 755
    3. sh
  7. After the BibleBox has restarted browse the shared folders to confirm the changes and that _h5ai is working for you as intended.
  8. You can then put the USB back into your computer and delete the h5ai_installer.tar and files from the root folder on the USB as they have all been copied to the BibleBox itself.

Im happy with how it looks and with all the “bells and whistles” turned off in _h5ai’s options.json file it works pretty well on a small router like the MR3040.  Further testing and feedback will be more helpful.  Please post in the comments or Forum if you’ve got some experiences to share.