The BibleBox needs your support. Prayer, Practical contributions and Financial contributions.

If you are interested in supporting the BibleBox please consider it and then contact us.  Ask  how you can pray, ask how you can contribute to what is going on.

I have been contacted a number of times from mission groups seeking free BibleBoxes which I cannot afford to do. If you are willing to sponsor BibleBox use in remote areas – contact me.

Please contact us if God is pressing you to support the BibleBox in any of the following ways, or anything not mentioned:

  • Praying for the project and ministry of those using BibleBox
  • Financial support – to fund development and to provide BibleBoxes to those who cant afford
  • Technical expertise – are you a developer, programmer, network engineer, marketer, communicator?  Maybe you have sometime that you can use your skills to support people using BibleBoxes in ministry
  • Social Media – can you spread the word about the BibleBox?  Share things in your networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc etc

Join the BibleBox community!

Financial Support via Paypal

Support the BIbleBox via PayPal


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Ways to get in Contact:

Twitter – @theBibleBox
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