The BibleBox is now available on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+

To build a BibleBox you will need a Raspberry Pi and the BibleBox software image.

To order your Parts from Amazon, you can use the links below and BibleBox will receive a really small commission:


How to Make a BibleBox

  1. Download and Read the BibleBox User Guide before doing anything else:
    [download id=”13069″]
  2. Download the BibleBox disc image file – BibleBox.tar.gz – it’s a compressed file but still 3.5GB –¬†from the link below password = Psalm1
    [download id=”12975″]
  3. If you need an app to unzip the download, I use 7zip
  4. Unzip BibleBox.tar.gz
  5. then Unzip BibleBox.tar
  6. use Etcher to flash the BibleBox.img file to a microSD card
  7. insert the microSD card into the Raspberry Pi and power it up
  8. then open Terminal and type sudo raspi-config
  9. go to Advanced Options – Expand File System – then let it reboot
  10. now youre ready to get started