After Cyclone Ita passed through Cairns last night there was some damage.  Fortunately not a lot, but one of the consequences was losing power at church.

No electricty = unplugged music team, no microphones, no powerpoint slides.

BibleBox iphone Hillsong Cornerstone

Hillsong’s Cornerstone lyrics on BibleBox (iPhone screen)

Liam Bradford had the idea of putting song lyric files on the BibleBox so when small groups gathered for singing and worship he could share words for new songs by putting them on the BibleBox so they could connect and access the digital song sheets.

The situation at church this morning would have been perfect for that use.  I also thought of churches meeting around the world in small groups, homes, under trees, where electricity is never a part of their worship time.  In these contexts a BibleBox could share resources even to one tablet, viewable by others.  Perhaps a video message from another local Pastor could be shared (recorded on his phone or tablet).

Do you have needs now which a BibleBox could help meet?