It’s taken me over a Year to finally write this Post, but I’m now able to let things go……

The BibleBox is no longer a project I have the time or funds to continue developing and will become unsupported by me.

I was fortunate enough to meet in person some of the people using BibleBox devices around the world. Africa, China, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands. After meeting these people and hearing their stories I was so encouraged. Things became a reality. I have had email conversations with hundreds of people wanting support who have shared a bit about what they were wanting to do with a BibleBox. It has been very special realising this project was able to be a part of the solutions they were looking for to help people connect to Jesus.

I will leave the website online while I can afford to, so people can continue to find, access and to hopefully be inspired to use technology to share good news stories about Jesus Christ, to those around them.

A special thanks to those people who helped someone else with a BibleBox. Many started using these BibleBoxes to share resources and Bibles to mobile devices without having much technological understanding. It would have been the techie people around them who helped them along the way. I remember hearing from a gentleman in his 70s using the BibleBox in Africa and he could hardly use his phone – but he worked it all out.

I strongly believe the need for sharing Biblical resources over wifi and future similar technologies will only increase. I am so pleased to see so many Christian technologists around the world using the skills they have to enable Christians to learn and share with others. This gives me a real hope for the future as we see technology developing and coming under the control of others.

Please support any of these Christian technology groups so that their work can continue.

cheers and blessings