BibleBox Project Ending

It’s taken me over a Year to finally write this Post, but I’m now able to let things go……

The BibleBox is no longer a project I have the time or funds to continue developing and will become unsupported by me.

I was fortunate enough to meet in person some of the people using BibleBox devices around the world. Africa, China, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands. After meeting these people and hearing their stories I was so encouraged. Things became a reality. I have had email conversations with hundreds of people wanting support who have shared a bit about what they were wanting to do with a BibleBox. It has been very special realising this project was able to be a part of the solutions they were looking for to help people connect to Jesus.

I will leave the website online while I can afford to, so people can continue to find, access and to hopefully be inspired to use technology to share good news stories about Jesus Christ, to those around them.

A special thanks to those people who helped someone else with a BibleBox. Many started using these BibleBoxes to share resources and Bibles to mobile devices without having much technological understanding. It would have been the techie people around them who helped them along the way. I remember hearing from a gentleman in his 70s using the BibleBox in Africa and he could hardly use his phone – but he worked it all out.

I strongly believe the need for sharing Biblical resources over wifi and future similar technologies will only increase. I am so pleased to see so many Christian technologists around the world using the skills they have to enable Christians to learn and share with others. This gives me a real hope for the future as we see technology developing and coming under the control of others.

Please support any of these Christian technology groups so that their work can continue.

cheers and blessings


BibleBox – Coming on Raspberry Pi

The BibleBox will soon be released on Raspberry Pi.  This hardware will provide builtin wifi, bluetooth, HDMI and audio out, 4 USB ports and an ethernet connection.

The website the BibleBox delivers is driven by WordPress which has an administrator section to configure your site. The BibleBox website will include course building plugins and the inscript Browser Bible.

All file types can be downloaded – or streamed if video and audio.  APK files can also be loaded up for users to download.

Don’t be put off by “build your own”! Setup will be a lot simpler than on the TP Link MR3040. It will take 10 minutes to put the hardware together (RPi, Case, plugin power) but longer if you dont have a screwdriver. Hardware list is on the Make page at

The new BibleBox will have builtin wifi and bluetooth to connect to mobile devices and bluetooth speakers etc.

It has HDMI and audio out so you can connect to a projector, TV, Monitor and speakers.

It has 4 USB ports to connect USB drives or peripherals.

The website is built with WordPress so any files you put there can be streamed or downloaded. It will be fun to see what people come up with using WordPress and its available plugins.

A new feature is a Captive Portal. This is what you experience at airports or at Maccas when connecting to free wifi – your device loads a login screen after you connect to the free wifi network, then you click and are taken to your BibleBox website.

At the moment the captive portal works on iOS and android tablets – but Im trying to get it working on laptops – a bug Im trying to squash before releasing the complete build publically.

So sign up on for updates and Ill let you know soon when the BibleBox is available.

more….coming soon.



New BibleBox Theme for 2017 – Grace

Another quick theme, not too different from Wheels but just experimenting again with opening the shared document spaces within an iFrame to keep Navigation obvious. Again, I haven’t included the Statistics or Chat features in this theme and it’s intended to be used with h5ai styling installed.

To trial a demo of the theme click this link here – BibleBox-GraceTheme-2017 Demo

To download the theme go to the Downloads section of

Instructions on copying it to your BibleBox USB are on the How to page of

Screenshots below:


New BibleBox Theme for 2017 – Wheels

After getting a burst of enthusiasm from talking to good mate Pete Higham I jumped in and setup a new theme for the BibleBox.

Titled Wheels-2017, its a simple clean theme designed for use with h5ai styling and mobile devices primarily.

To trial a demo of the theme click this link here – BibleBox-WheelsTheme-2017 Demo

To download the theme go to the Downloads section of

Instructions on copying it to your BibleBox USB are on the How to page of

I haven’t included the Statistics or Chat features in this theme. I’m not convinced that the Chat feature is really used and the info from statistics while interesting at first usually becomes less important.

I’m also creating another theme so watch this space.