BibleBox is based on Piratebox and Librarybox software.  If you already have a standard Librarybox setup you can easily convert it to a BibleBox by following these steps:

  1. Download the following BibleBox files –
    • BibleBox files – alters functionality and rebranding BibleBox – zip file – 600KB
  2. Unzip the files and you will see 3 folders – Config, Content and Shared
  3. Insert the USB from your Librarybox into your computer
  4. Copy the Config and Content folders from BibleBox to your USB drive, replacing the contents on your Librarybox USB – this will overwrite the Librarybox webpages and config files with BibleBox UI and config
  5. In your Shared directory create a new folder called images
  6. Eject the USB, put it back into the MR3040 and restart the device
  7. It will start up with a new wifi SSID – BibleBox files

Modify the Chatbox name to BibleBox

Using Terminal or PuTTY app:

  1. ssh into BibleBox ssh root@ and your password
  2. enter  – cd /opt/piratebox/conf [to locate chat_init.txt]
  3. to modify txt file

vi chat_init.txt

  1. press i to go into edit mode
  2. make your edit
  3. press Esc to go back to command mode
  4. type :w to save your edit, press enter/return key
  5. type :q, then press enter/return to quit editing
  6. at prompt if no overwrite = type :quit!
  7. Restart the BibleBox to apply the changes