A gentleman spoke at church this morning from a mission organisation which works in some countries where the good news of Jesus Christ is banned.

He told a story of a backpacker who left a Christian tract (small outreach brochure) in a hostel in one of these closed countries.  he was no doubt wanting to leave something which could impact the faith journey of another, and be a an impact for Christ in the life of another.

BibleBox Bible tracts

What actually ended up happening was the local woman who ran the hostel was jailed with her husband and baby.  Probably not what the backpacker had expected or wanted.

This made me think of the BibleBox and the ability one has with it to “leave Bible tracts” out for others with a level of security.  As it creates its own wifi link to Bible resources, the person sharing it simply needs to make sure it’s turned on and shared files are available.

There is no need for anyone to interact for files/resources to be shared.

There is always the threat of having files on a device discovered by any authorities who desire to look hard enough for them on someones phone or tablet. I havent lived for any length of time in such countries so cant comment on best practices.

It just seems that the BibleBox would be a great “tract sharing” tool in such locations where those sharing their Christian faith face persecution of the hardest kind.

If you have experience of closed-countries to the Gospel perhaps you could share?