In the same way we added a Password to the BibleBox to secure the device itself (not the free content we want to share) I want to go through and enable FTP access so its easy for me or anyone using a BibleBox to upload new files for sharing.

FTP Access Setup

Once setup, the BibleBox can be accessed using a standard FTP app to upload, download, delete files from the Shared directory.  You must be connected to the BibleBox wifi first.

  1. Turn on the BibleBox and connect to the wifi
  2. From you computer SSH into the Biblebox:  (remembered your Password?)
    ssh root@
  3. Run the LibraryBox advance setup script (same as setting up Password)
  4. Select Option 3  –
    3 - Start FTP configuration
  5. Youll see the menu appear below:
     Choose an option: 3
       Current configuration:
       FTP enabled                : yes 
       Admin access               : yes 
       Special SYNC access        : yes 
       SYNC Port                  : 54321 
       Anonymous login possible   : no 
       FTP Synchronisation active : no 
       FTP Sync hostname          : empty 
       FTP Sync password          : empty 
      1 -  Enable / Disable FTP 
      2 -  Enable / Disable Admin Access 
      3 -  Enable / Disable Sync Master 
      4 -  Enable / Disable Anonymous Access 
      5 -  Set password for Sync Master 
      6 -  Set password for Admin Access 
      7 -  Enable Sync Client 
      8 -     Client host  
      9 -     Client password  
     Enter h and a number for help about the topic. For example, h8 for Client host help
     Every other button is a clean exit.
  6. When you make a selection it will enable/disable the options, so select option 1 to enable FTP
  7. Then select Option 6 to Set a Password for your FTP access
  8. Now to exit the menu press X (or any other button) and restart the BibleBox
  9. Connect to the BibleBox wifi, run your favourite FTP app using and the password you selected with the username – “nobody”.