Biblebox device 350x151The BibleBox is a portable wifi access point. It has its own battery and you can plug in a specially setup USB stick into it.  

Once you turn it on, look for the wifi network called “BibleBox files” and join it. After joining the wifi network, open your web browser (IE, Safari, Firefox…) and go to

You dont actually “go on the internet”, instead your web browser will show you the files on the USB stick plugged into the device.
BibleBox poster

The purpose is to enable easy file sharing over wifi, of digital Bibles and other Christian resources. eBooks, images, video, audio, text files. Android apps and other software can also be shared.

The BibleBox can be used in many different ways, but here’s some ideas to help understand what it does…..

    • A church pastor may use a BibleBox to make teaching material available during a sermon or Bible study.
    • While waiting at the airport a traveller makes Christian outreach videos available to anyone over his BibleBox. People view them on their phones, iPads and laptops.
    • A mission family living in remote Indonesia keep a BibleBox near their front window. Local pastors stand near a tree and download Bible teaching videos and audio to use in their own villages.

To download free resources visit

What other examples can you think of for using a BibleBox to spread God’s Word?