I walked into our living room a couple of nights back and saw the television on with the girls favourite TV show on, but each of my four girls looking into an iPad or iPhone screen.  I couldnt see what each of them was doing unless I peered over their shoulder, each of them was in their own digital world.

It’s situations like this that remind me of how personal our mobile devices have become.  Our phones and tablets have not only become windows but doorways through which we connect with others in our world and observe and interact in their lives and share ours.

They are also screens of frustration as we attempt to line up coloured candies for days, weeks or even months. Years?

This is why I like mobile ministry.  If we can share Christ to peoples mobile devices it gives opportunity for the Lord to minister and work in the heart of that person.  Sow the seed, sow a digital seed.  Let the Lord grow it into something pleasing to him.

A speaker I once heard said there were “more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes”.  Even in countries such as Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea I have seen locals with more than one phone. With such a rapid penetration rate in all areas of the world the mobile phone is without doubt a tool for the Good News of Jesus Christ to be shared.

Compact Guide to the Christian Life NavpressWhen we were first married we found a little book by the Navigators called “The Compact Guide to the Christian Life”.  In it was chapter after chapter of everyday explanations of Christian doctrine, beliefs, jargon explained, advice on dating……it was an easily skimmed handbook defining a load of things.  As young Christians it was a real blessing for us.  So much so that we put it in the toilet.

Yep. The Thunderbox, the Can, the Dunny, the Long drop, Dad’s Office…… Im sure your family had a nickname for the smallest room in the house!

We realised that the best ministry potential that little pocket guidebook on Christianity had was in a room that offered any visitors to our home total privacy.  Fortunately no-one knows whats going on in that place – and one can read any book in there with security and privacy and unbridled curiosity if they wanted!

It was one place in our house our unsaved non-believing non-Christian friends could skim read parts of a book and find out some of what we believed and who Jesus is, in a private and personal way. This could open up conversations, develop questions and answer them.

checking iphone Bible box

Mobile Phone screen – a personal space

This is one way I see mobile ministry being a rich discipleship ministry.  Being able to provide Christian media to be viewed by someone in a private, personal way. Our screens offer us that privacy. A place and space to be impacted by the Spirit of God.

But they also become places to share.  We share our photos and videos and screen captures with friends and friends of friends. We tweet questions and statements to followers we’ve never met. We tell friends and far away friends if we like something they say or share.

What I am passionate about with the BibleBox is that it offers me a way to sow the seed of the good news of Jesus.  The Lord will grow it. I need to be faithful in sowing it.