When it comes to mobile ministry – where do you start?  The mobile phone is a small portable piece of technology.  Most of us carry them with us everywhere we go.  We use them for torches, email, messaging, Facebook, online shopping, phonecalls, all sorts of uses.  They are pocket computers.

biblebox phone applicationsSo it makes sense why we can use them for ministry.  But what ministry?  Where do we start?

There are two questions you need to answer yourself:

  1. How are these people using their mobile devices now?
  2. How could they be using their mobile devices?

There are so many possibilities that this blog post wont even attempt to answer that question. What I do believe is important though is that you should pay attention to how the people in your world are using their phones.

One of my daughters is THE most internet connected member of our family. She uses Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and other social networks and photosharing communities that I dont even know of.

For her and her friends sharing photos is a common use of the mobile phone, or iPad.  A ministry in her world could be sharing images or memes which prompt thinking about life and faith. Or pose questions or answer them.bible verse tattoo

Look around in your context – how are people using their phones?  What things are they doing?  Pray that the Lord will help you see what He sees.  Trust that He has made and shaped you the way He wants and has given you skills, creativity and understandings to minister in particular ways.  Believe that He will reveal to you opportunities to pursue with Him.

Not only should you look at what is happening now, but if youre paying attention to mobile ministry around the world you have probably seen and heard of things others are doing in their contexts.Cell phone indiacellphonesinchurch

Would that mobile ministry activity be approriate in your context? Can that ministry activity be developed in your context?

Wayne Gretzky, a famous Ice Hockey player, was quoted saying – ” a good hockey player plays where the puck is, a great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be”.  The idea here is that we should be thinking ahead, looking ahead to what might work in our context.  Ive heard people say things like “HF radio will be the only technology here” then within months cellphone towers and mobile internet have covered regions with access.

Think now but you must also think ahead.

Get involved with online groups involved in mobile ministry.  Connect with others, dont operate in isolation.  Volunteer your skills to mobile ministry groups or offer to help your local church in areas of mobile ministry.