Everything seems to be running really well.  I’ve developed the webGUI to a style that is more pleasing to me – Ill post some shots of it soon.  But the next thing to do before I get too carried away is to secure the BibleBox by giving it a password.  If anyone knew that the IP address was they could just telnet into it.

Setting BibleBox Device Password

  1. Start Up the BibleBox
  2. Connect to the BibleBox wifi SSID with your laptop and telnet into it (on a Mac use Terminal)  –
  3. Run the LibraryBox advance setup script:
  4. Then simply follow the instructions to setup a Password……
  5. Select option 1 for Setting Password and Enable SSH
  6. Once youve setup your password you will login to the bibleBox via SSH:
    ssh root@
  7. Now your BibleBox is secure with your chosen Password