The chart below comes from a 2013 survey of 12,424 mobile consumers across 17 countries to gain a deeper understanding of the global trends impacting mobile user behavior in the finance, telecommunications, retail, consumer products, and utilities industries.

Information like this is useful to help us shape our current and future mobile ministry activities.

  • Data from Nielsen shows that smartphone penetration varies drastically across different countries in APAC, from 87% in Hong Kong and Singapore down to 15% in the Philippines.
  • In ‘Developed Asia’ smartphone penetration is generally higher than in Europe or the US.

  • Furthermore, in Southeast Asia alone, smartphone owners spent an average of more than three hours per day on their smartphones in June 2013.
  • They spent the most time using chat apps, social networking and entertainment activities like games and multimedia.

Other social media statistics shows 20% of internet users in Indonesia using Twitter and the Philippines as a growing Facebook using nation with 30,214,140 users.

With Indonesia and the Philippines both significant in social media it must only be a matter of time before smartphones become affordable to the masses.  Surely telecommunications companies want to make money from people spending time on social media on their phones?

Does this influence you in regard to mobile ministry?  For me it’s developing a confirmation that in Asia Pacific a mobile ministry supported by wifi is a good direction.

If you are in Indonesia or the Philippines – does the chart reflect what you see around you?

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