BibleBox devices used by MAF in Bible Resourcing Kits for Isolated Communities

MAF Bible kit - with BibleBox wifi Bible

The BibleBox is being used by MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) in kits they place with isolated communities across Arnhem Land north Australia.

DVDs, CDs, Bibles and the electronic wifi BibleBox are gathered into one plastic toolbox and sent to isolated communities such as Numbulwar, Gurrumurru and Bremmer. These Bible kits provide opportunities for local people to purchase gospel material or download free digital resources and and access a wifi Bible from the BibleBox, on a wifi enabled device such as a phone, tablet or laptop.


BibleBox wifi Bible Yirrkala Church MAF

TP Link WR842ND wifi router sharing wifi Bible and resources

MAF Technology Services has also setup a wifi router (above) at the local Yirrkala Aboriginal Church. This router means that people can connect via WIFI to view and download Gospel resources. This latest edition has the ability for people to view the words in Yolngu Matha for some of the songs that are sung on Sundays.  Setup on a TP Link WR842ND the router is available 24/7 running off mains electricity at a fixed location, providing access to these resources at a known location for locals.

yirrkala church

Yirrkala Church – north Australia

Remember these isolated communities dont have Christian bookshops, they dont have internet access – so by providing access to resources like these that we can take for granted in Australia is a fantastic support by MAF.

Donations to support the provision of these Bible resources for MAF are collected here –

BibleBox running on TP Link TL-WR842ND

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) are well known as a mission organisation supporting remote people groups by providing subsidised aviation services. In Arnhem Land, NT, Australia they not only provide aviation services but also Technology services to isolated people.

Peter Higham heads up this increasingly popular Christian ministry based in Gove alongside the pilots and aviation engineers at the MAF headquarters there.  Recently supporter funding has meant that 20 BibleBox kits have been funded and will be provided to families in order to share digital Bible resources to users of wifi enabled phones, tablets and computers.

As part of the project Peter asked me to trial installing the BibleBox onto a TP-Link TL-842ND. (below)

This installation and setup was painless and as easy as installing on the smaller pocket-sized TP MR3040.

IMG_0269 IMG_0267 IMG_0265 IMG_0271 IMG_0270

Knowing how easy and how well this is Ill be including the files and instructions for any others to follow.

Link to Amazon details for TP Link TL-WR842nd

Openwrt firmware for TP Link TL-WR842ND – openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr842n-v2-squashfs-factory.bin

MAF explores airborne BibleBox for inflight “Evange-tainment”

Peter Higham, serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory Australia, has started the conversation with pilots and engineers on the viability of running a BibleBox in MAF aircraft during flights to provide inflight access to digital Christian resources.

MAF, a global Christian aviation organisation flys in some of the remotest areas of the planet. MAF pilots choose to do what they do in order to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Fly AND share the Cross.

maf flight

They are researching and exploring the impact of running a BibleBox in the aircraft during flights.  Consider the potential here – an MAF aircraft has a BibleBox running making digital resources available over wifi to passengers – who can access the resources on their smartphones, tablets, laptops. Inflight “entertainment”?  No, how about “evange-tainment”!


Or maybe the aircraft already has a couple of tablets attached to the seat pockets that passengers can access?

Passengers accessing the BibleBox wifi could be browsing a variety of content – from evangelistic material, Christian video and audio, articles and texts, to information and video about MAF and the work it does around the world.  Perhaps reading or listening to the Bible during the flight?

With a battery life of 4-5 hours a BibleBox in a small protective case could deliver resources to passengers for most of the day.  If it were plugged into a USB battery pack or even a mobile charging system in the aircraft it would remain charged all day.

The wifi range of the BibleBox is around 25 metres.  So if a pilot were to run a BibleBox from their aircraft, resources would also be available to people in the villages once the aircraft landed.  “The plane is here and so are some new resources!

airlines wifi

United Airlines delivers inflight entertainment using wifi to devices now – is this initiative of Peter’s an opportunity for MAF to share the Cross in the same manner?  This is a great idea and it would be great to see it technically approved and selected by the pilots as a ministry activity they could incorprate into their already busy day.

The BibleBox Project is trying to raise funds to provide 40 BibleBoxes to MAF families around the world.  To support or contribute to this project visit FaithLauncher.

MAF BibleBox inflight