The BibleBox project is seeking to enable increased access to Bibles and other Biblical training resources for people with wifi enabled devices.

Around the world in developing countries there is an increasing number of leaders and church pastors gaining access to smartphones, tablets and laptops with wifi capabilities – BUT – without access to the internet and the vast range of Biblical training resources which are available.

The BibleBox can be used anywhere. In the developed or the developing world!

A mission pilot may use one to share resources with a pastor in a Papua New Guinea jungle.  Christian teaching, health care and education resources can make their way from authors to isolated communities.

A Christian business owner may have a BibleBox providing access to Bibles and other resources in his store.

A local church may use a BibleBox to easily share resources contributing to the sermons and other church activities.

While sharing a coffee in a downtown cafe someone may also be sharing Bibles and resources freely, using the BibleBox.

While commuting to work on the train or bus a traveller may have the BibleBox switched on sharing files with anyone on a wifi enabled device around them.