BibleBox running on TP Link TL-WR842ND

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) are well known as a mission organisation supporting remote people groups by providing subsidised aviation services. In Arnhem Land, NT, Australia they not only provide aviation services but also Technology services to isolated people.

Peter Higham heads up this increasingly popular Christian ministry based in Gove alongside the pilots and aviation engineers at the MAF headquarters there.  Recently supporter funding has meant that 20 BibleBox kits have been funded and will be provided to families in order to share digital Bible resources to users of wifi enabled phones, tablets and computers.

As part of the project Peter asked me to trial installing the BibleBox onto a TP-Link TL-842ND. (below)

This installation and setup was painless and as easy as installing on the smaller pocket-sized TP MR3040.

IMG_0269 IMG_0267 IMG_0265 IMG_0271 IMG_0270

Knowing how easy and how well this is Ill be including the files and instructions for any others to follow.

Link to Amazon details for TP Link TL-WR842nd

Openwrt firmware for TP Link TL-WR842ND – openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr842n-v2-squashfs-factory.bin

Fix for Chatbox overflowing text

If you have had a number of people connect and chat using the BibleBox you would have noticed that the chat messages end up overflowing across the form fields. An example is shown below:

BibleBox chat messages

on right – Chat messages end up obscuring the chat Form field

I have modified the html and css for this and the updated files to replace structure.css, index.html and chat.html are available here.

I changed the code so that the Chat messages stay within the frame and a scrollbar appears once messages reach the limits of the frame.






BibleBox interface updated with WEB Bible

I have just updated and tested the web interface for the BibleBox.  It now contains an HTML version of the WEB (World English Bible).  From the main menu, BibleBox now links to the Home screen and the Home button is replaced with “Bible”, which opens the World English Bible on the BibleBox USB.

The update doesnt affect your shared folders at all, it simply replaces the web interface and adds the WEB Bible to the BibleBox. (more…)

BibleBox shared at Digital Bible Conference in Mexico

Good friend of the BIbleBox, Gama Astivia, has set up his own BibleBox and demonstrated it at a recent Digital Bible conference in Mexico. Now he is preparing more BibleBoxes in Spanish for use by other church workers in Mexico.

BibleBox in Spanish

Along with introducing the BibleBox to around 40 pastors and church workers, Gama has translated the BibleBox presentation and the web interface for the USB into Spanish!  This is a great example of how a community can contribute to share the cross and reach more with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Here is a link to a PDF presentation of the BibleBox in Spanish.

In the Gallery below are some images of the BibleBox presentation in Mexico which were sent to me by Gama.