Mobile Ministry starting Points

When it comes to mobile ministry – where do you start?  The mobile phone is a small portable piece of technology.  Most of us carry them with us everywhere we go.  We use them for torches, email, messaging, Facebook, online shopping, phonecalls, all sorts of uses.  They are pocket computers. (more…)

BibleBox – Digital Songbook

After Cyclone Ita passed through Cairns last night there was some damage.  Fortunately not a lot, but one of the consequences was losing power at church.

No electricty = unplugged music team, no microphones, no powerpoint slides. (more…)

Mobile Device – Thunderbox Ministry

I walked into our living room a couple of nights back and saw the television on with the girls favourite TV show on, but each of my four girls looking into an iPad or iPhone screen.  I couldnt see what each of them was doing unless I peered over their shoulder, each of them was in their own digital world. (more…)